Einreichökonomien: SYMPOSIUM / FORUM / OPEN SPACE

Grafik: Annja Krautgasser

Inspired by the feminist theories and concepts of solidarisation and care-giving, the Tyrolean Artists association invited to the first discursive format with its new managing director and curator Bettina Siegele on November 24th , 2022. Alongside talks by Sabine Gamper (curator), Esther Strauß (artist and co-editor of Triedere #17: Submitting) and Christina Mölk & Lukas Ladner (UND Heft für Alternativen, Widersprüche und Konkretes), experiences, impressions, critiques and wishes were collectively negotiated under the motto of Einreichökonomien (Economies of Submissions). The Kunstpavillon was thus declared to be an open space – a discursive platform and space for negotiation – and will also be accessible as such for the following two weeks (until 07.12.2022).

You can find the full statement on the event here