Einreichökonomien: SYMPOSIUM / FORUM / OPEN SPACE

Grafik: Annja Krautgasser

With Sabine Gamper (curator); Esther Strauß (artist, co-editor Triedere #17: Submitting); Bettina Siegele (Tiroler Künstler:innenschaft) and Christina Mölk & Lukas Ladner (UND – Heft für Alternativen, Widersprüche und Konkretes)

Based on various introductory presentations that address the topic from different perspectives, experiences will then be exchanged and discussed in the form of an open forum and a joint dinner. The suggestions, criticisms, demands and interim results will be accessible in the Kunstpavillon until 07.12.2022 and can be extended by the visitors during the opening hours. The results will serve as a basis for the development of future Open Calls of the Tyrolean Artists’ Association.

Registration until 22.11.2022 by e-mail: office@kuenstlerschaft.at