Ariel Efraim Ashbel | Cian Dayrit | Anne Duk Hee Jordan | Sophia Süßmilch
Curated by Petra Poelzl
Neue Galerie Innsbruck, Hofburg Innsbruck

09.12.2020 – 27.02.2021

Based on adrienne maree brown’s publication Pleasure Activism, the exhibition of the same name shows creative works that refuse to accept social and political power relations, open up multifaceted, pleasurable worlds of images and narratives, and thus begin to disturb established ways of seeing and thinking. The author, adrienne maree brown, writes from the perspective of a black feminist and so from an intersectional standpoint, which means the interaction of various forms and dimensions of inequality, difference and power.  In this constellation of power relations, certain characteristics are privileged, while others are discriminated against. In order to abolish this dominant construct, the author proposes to anchor “pleasure” in our social structures and thus in our daily lives.

Exhibition Booklet

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